School Board

The school Board helps to foster productive relationships between the parents/carers and the school. It also assists in the development of school policies, the allocation of funds and the development of school curriculum.

Board members require no previous experience; all that is required is an interest in the educational process and the well-being of the children, parents/carers and staff of the school.

The School Board is elected annually and comprises:


  • Board Chair: Catherine McLachlan
  • Executive Officers: Gareth Richards
  • Parent Reps: Margaret Beattie and Daniela Schlesier
  • Teacher Reps: Suzie Foley and Luke Davidson
  • Secretariat: Janet Flint
  • Student Reps: Oliver Johnson and Charlotte Orman
  • Appointed member: George Palavestra

Meeting Times

The Board conducts meetings each term week 3 and week 7 at 5:00 pm

School Board Minutes

School Board Minutes

End of year School Board update 2021 (PDF 130.0 KB)


Term 4 21 October 2021 Board Minutes (PDF 129.1 KB)

Term 3 26 August 2021 Board Minutes (PDF 134.0 KB)

Board minutes 29 July 2021 (PDF 188.4 KB)

Term 2 3 June 2021 Board Minutes (PDF 151.8 KB)

Term 2 6 May 2021 Board Minutes (PDF 193.5 KB)