Namadgi School Attendance Procedure (PDF 340.4 KB)

SunSmart Policy 2020 - 2023 (PDF 349.3 KB)

Uniform Policy 2020-2023 (PDF 346.2 KB)

Gifted and Talented Policy 2020 - 2023 (PDF 394.6 KB)

Enrolment Policy (PDF 560.3 KB)

Complaints Resolution Policy (PDF 349.8 KB)

Complaints Lodgement Form (PDF 199.0 KB)

Preschool Policies

(PoA1) Determining the Responsible Person Policy (PDF 147.9 KB)

(PoH1) Nutrition Policy (PDF 116.7 KB)

(PoH2) Physical Activity and Small Screen Recreation Policy (PDF 172.1 KB)

(PoS1) Acceptance Refusal of Authorisations Policy (PDF 144.0 KB)

(PoS2) Delivery and Collection of Children Policy (PDF 140.0 KB)

(PoS3) Interactions with Children Policy (PDF 163.1 KB)