Senior School

Years 9 and 10 Senior Program

The theme for our Senior Years program is Future Pathways. All students will be supported to develop their talents and skills to assist them in preparing for their future years beyond Year 10.

Learning and Curriculum

Namadgi Senior School delivers a two year program that caters for the learning needs of a wide range of students. Students are encouraged to become active learners and to take increasing responsibility for their own learning. Emphasis is placed on students achieving their personal best. Students are supported by quality explicit instruction, relevant and engaging tasks and timely feedback in a caring and respectful environment.

Namadgi Senior School curriculum comprises of core subjects and elective units and is designed to meet the requirements of the Australian Curriculum and the ACT Framework - Every Chance to Learn. The core courses studied include English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science and Physical Education and Health. Languages are non-compulsory in the senior years. In addition to the core subjects, there are a number of elective units available to students. Students are required to complete eight elective subjects over two years and are advised to choose a balanced mix of electives, considering their own interests as well as subjects they wish to study at college or CIT.

Extension and Enrichment Learning Experiences

Students are encouraged to extend their specific talents and achieve excellence by participating in a range of available programs. Opportunities offered include, nationally and internationally recognised academic competitions, the Young Writers Workshop, Mathematics and Science workshops, debating, Tournament of Minds, Limelight: Dance, Senior Band and organised school sport competitions and programs. Students also have a range of leadership opportunities: School Captains, House Captains, Leadership Group members, Peer Support and participation in leadership conferences.

These include nationally and internationally recognised academic competitions, the young writers workshop, math and science workshops, debating, Tournament of Minds, Dance fest, Limelight: Dance, Senior Band, Robotics, overseas excursions, and organised school sport competitions and programs.

Our school is committed to building excellence in every area of the curriculum so that all students can achieve high levels of skills and understanding across a broad curriculum.

Student Pathways

All students in Year 9 and 10 are required to develop a Pathways Plan which identifies their potential pathways through school and beyond to further study, training and/or work. They are assisted to investigate future options beyond school and relate this knowledge to their personal strengths and interests.

The Homeroom groups meet each morning for roll call and daily notices. They also meet weekly for their pastoral care session when a range of topics are covered including goal setting and pathways planning. The Home group teacher’s role is to be the first point of call for students to discuss any issues and to assist them to develop their Student Pathways Portfolios.

Work Experience (WEX) and Vocational Education

A WEX placement is a student’s short-term, unpaid participation in the work place as a learner and an observer. This forms part of a student’s broad career development and is not required to be linked to a specific course of study.

The purpose of Work Experience is to provide students with the opportunity to test the careers they are interested in. It also enables them to gain insight into many aspects of the industry and the realities of the workforce. Students also have the opportunity to participate in a range of programs ranging from CIT Short Courses, Vocational Educational and Training Programs and School Based Apprenticeships. These cover a range of industries including: Business, IT, Sport & Recreation, Children's Services, Community Services, Government, Horticulture, Library Information, Disability and many more.

Students Recognition

Over the senior years, students earn graduation points. They are recognised for the work they do both in and outside of school. The points are awarded according to the four school values of learning, respect, caring and having a positive attitude. One hour of activity in their own time equates to one point. Successful grades also earn points. When students graduate they are presented with a certificate that includes a breakdown of their points. The Graduation Points system exists to recognise students’ efforts and encourage our students to become well rounded citizens.

Students are also recognised for exemplary academic efforts, community service, citizenship, creativity in the Arts and sportsmanship during regular assemblies and special presentation assemblies.


The year 10 Certificate is awarded to students who have successfully completed their studies in years 9 and 10. This certificate details the courses and grades achieved in Years 9 and 10. Students need to meet a number of requirements which include satisfactory completion of courses, attendance and student conduct.